Tournament Pet Mods Premier League II - [GRAND FINALS won by Dave’s Dachsbuns]


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woof woof joltemons teams

thanks dex Spellcaster for passing me teams a couple times
nice to win a tour with yall SuperEpicAmpharos Monai TPP Z Strats
sorry Micciu we love you :pouss:
Mana the carry LOL tysm for cooking for half our slots
shoutout Leru Stone Cold for picking me up and planning this tour way in advance, was honestly more fun than I expected
s/o the moral support RealJester LRXC Beka Inder emma @ the three mbh supports we somehow acquired I don't remember sorry
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who the hell freed mluc
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ggs to xrn, that cress and shifu sequence late game couldve been improved but lategame if i twaved mluc but it didnt matter cause koko would maybe kill cress and likely eat a strike from shifu. wacky ass tier, went 3-2 but every replay i just saw some bizarre shit, but it was fun lol. byut yea lets just pull it out shifus, mascot may have lost but we can still pull it out!
Can't wait for y'all to use Tera Normal Shard DD Dragonite and lose to Baseball Bat Dragapult in VaporeMons next year.
Time to so

so Stone Cold and Leru for the pick, sorry for this season, is my worst season in smogon, but I had a lot of fun
pdt Tea Guzzler Ty for the help during in this tournament
TPP Is so funny to teammate with you and gg your win vs your alarm clock in the final
SuperEpicAmpharos Xrn dex Monai Spellcaster Is funny teamtour with you and you are so nice and fun :pouss:
Z Strats So me for removing the curse you had wtf

woof woof my altsex ideas, not all of them are complete but i used urshifu on like 90% of teams so they can autowin on that. I legitimately enjoy fakemon metas, so getting to play this tier and restrictions last year was a nice breath of fresh air. G-Luke made a fun mod.

Thanks Leru and Stone Cold for once again picking me up, playing for you guys is great.
Thanks SuperEpicAmpharos because i hate building without someone and you were the only one willing to suffer for me.

No one else really did anything for me I was an island LOL but you all were great. Xrn TPP LRXC Spellcaster dex Z Strats

we might have had other players fuck if i know

Micciu :pouss:
emma cheerleading captain extraordinaire
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Hey, first of all I want to thank the Pet Mods leaders to giving us a shot with this tournament, I genuinely had more fun here than I ever imagined. This has been quite the ride and I'm extremely proud of my team for putting up such a ridiculous performance throughout the entire tournament. The only time we were ever down in a series was against the Tropius in week 3, we managed to acquire the best record in 7 tiers, never lost a week and never lost a playoff game that mattered. I've never seen such a dominant performance before. Without further ado, I'll move to individual shoutouts (in order of record since The Daves are a meritocracy, I'll try to keep them short)

Mana the effort you put into Fusion Evolution every week was quite insane, if you told me you and Ray would be grinding the Fusion Evolution slot into a 7-0 performance I would've assumed you were messing with me. Oh, and I guess there's also Z Strats who piloted the teams. :queen: Congratz on your finals win buddy, hope I never have to watch you play this tier again, but well, what can you do, sometimes it just happens, right? That said, good job on your record, you're now a singles mainer... meow?

TPP Good morning sunshine, hope you had a good nights rest. You've put up a great performance the times where you appeared for your games, despite initially having trouble finding the way. I genuinely had no idea you played RBY before this but it seems the only Burgundy player capable of beating you is your alarm clock... or the lack thereof? . Glad you were part of the team buddy.

Monai not gonna lie i did not look at your channel, but I saw you farm the entire pool with water type clefable every week. Good job on the performance buddy.

SuperEpicAmpharos you can thank me later for the scouts buddy. Just like with monai, apart from scouting when requested I didn't really look at your stuff, I just saw you pull up and win your games.

dex same as SEA and Monai honestly, though your tier did look pretty cool. Still trying to figure out why Lele and Kyurem are banned, though.

Spellcaster congratz on defeating three in-game teams that featured houndoom. Unfortunately you're not quite able to defeat literal Monolax yet, but I'm sure you'll get there with a bit of training. Terrible gameplay aside, I'm glad you were part of the team and pulled your weight (you must be quite strong), congratulations on finishing with the best CSI record.

Xrn not gonna lie brother i think your tier may be the most random shit of all time, why was there a moltres-galar with regenerator on my screen??? Although the gameplay was repetitive at times, you did really well and finished with a good record. Glad to have gotten you buddy.

Micciu I'm sorry we made you play Less Balanced Hackmons for the entire season, we kind of forgot to draft someone for that slot. To be honest, we planned to draft Quantum Tesseract for it but when the draft started i saw he apparently got retained (though we probably wouldn't have been able to afford him anyway), thanks for putting up with it for an entire season. I promise I'll put you in a better tier next time. Also, thanks ponchlake pdt Tea Guzzler for joining us to try to figure this tier out.

LRXC You're a hypebeast man, your passion for the game and the way you express it is unmatched. You were really fun to have around.

Inder thanks for being there... or not? You're welcome i guess.

Beka You were pretty active, glad to have gotten you. I think??? Hope you and the waifus had fun.

RealJester emma Stone Cold boulicrok I'm getting kinda lazy with writing now, so I'll keep it short for you guys: although you weren't officially on the team, it was fun to have you around. Thanks for joining us!

That's it from me for now, I had a blast, hopefully until next year.


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In all honesty this wasn't the best tour for me, I was flitting in and out of being burned out and we made finals without really succeeding where we needed to succeed. ggs to the Dachsbuns, this year they were the better team. Next year, shifus will return.

Won vs Dex.

This was this year, next year will be better.

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